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Welcome to Bird House Music, personalized music instruction since 2009.

If you are ready to sign up, please go to the registration pageOnce you are activated, you can log in and view your personal scheduling, billing and lesson particulars. Reminders of lessons are sent by email and you can even sync the lesson calendar with your phone or computer.

Fundamentals are stressed for the student’s development of good instrumental technique, ear training, theory, pitch reading and rhythm reading. Approaches in the style of jazz, classical music and popular styles can be studied depending on the student’s intended direction. 

Students are encouraged to do Royal Conservatory of Music practical exams on their instruments to realize definitive goals and to feel good about achievements. 


Saxophone: up to Advanced
Clarinet: up to Intermediate
Flute: up to Intermediate
Classical Guitar: up to Intermediate
Standard guitar: up to Intermediate
Bass guitar: Beginner
Piano: Beginner

Theory: up to Advanced

Also supported: ensemble coaching, improvisation, composition, and arranging.

Rates For September 2018

$20 for 30 minutes

$30 for 45 minutes
$40 for 60 minutes

Sean Hully, M.A., L.Mus., B. Mus.